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  Server Backup
  Shared Hosting
 only $1.5 / Rs.125
5,000 MB Disk Space
50,000 MB Bandwidth
CPanel and Softaculous
Free SSH (Shell) Access
 only $10 / Rs.900
Choice of OS
Full Root Server Access
PRIVATE Name Servers
UNLIMITED Domains & Accounts
Never Oversold
FREE Security Hardening
 only $125 / Rs.11,000
Choice of OS
Remote Reboot
FREE Security Hardening
KVM Access
Hardware/Software RAID
Fully Managed Servers
  Welcome to eServices Provider  

eServicesProvider is a hosting company run by professionals and targets to provide affordable and reliable hosting to its customers. Our professional technical support is the key to our success, along with excellent servers hosted in state of the art data centers.

We take pride in each of our customer and we give them all special care and try to meet all their individual demands to the fullest, which results in relation built on trust.What ever your needs may be, we have a hosting plan for you and even if you want some custom solution do not hesitate to contact us and we can workout a solution according to your exact needs.

Professional 24 Hours Support cPanel Based Servers
Our Professional support will make your hosting experience at eServicesProvider a treat. Our servers are powered by cPanel hosting panel, providing you the best in the Industry in terms of security, features and usability.
  All Hosting Plans Include
   99.9 % Uptime Guarantee
   Free Migrations
   30 Days Money Back Guarantee
   Free Backups
   One Click Installers
   24/7 Sales/Support
   PHP, Perl, CGI, ROR, MySQL
   Frontpage Extensions
   FREE Instant Setup
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